Did you know

Reefton has a Community Kitchen?

We're a Community Kitchen located at Reefton's Hideaway.

We offer Dinners from Tuesday to Friday, 6pm to 8pm ranging from $8 to $15 dollars

Everyone's welcome, whether you're a youth or a senior. We're ideal for Seniors and working people who want quick healthy meals and don't have hours to spend on preparation.

We currently only do dinners, lunches will happen in the future based on support and volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering or taking ownership of an activity in Reefton? Let us know

We offer a various health related activies such as community classes or nutrition lessons for different age groups.

Day Event
Monday Youth
Tuesday Women
Wednesday Seniors
Thursday Men
Saturday Nutritious and healthy meals

Building Community

We're bringing people together to share food that we all love, help us strengthen Reefton's vibrant community one meal at a time

Mouthwatering experiences

Providing delicious, healthy meals at affordable prices. We're not here to make a profit. We want to make a positive lasting impact

Friendly People

We know the secret simple formula for success is
Good food + Full stomach + Good Conversation = Happy People

Empowering Youth

Educating the next generation by providing cooking lessons for Youth as well as volunteering opportunities in the kitchen

Venue for Hire

Organisations can hire our venue for $50.00 per event for a few hours. Let us know how we can help.

Where's Reefton?

Reefton's a township in central West Coast in NZ. Once you're here just ask one of our friendly locals where the community kitchen is.

If you're travelling around NZ's West Coast in the South Island, make sure to stop by and visit us. We'd love to meet you!

Get in touch:

Ramu wants to bring social change and transformation, he would love to hear your thoughts.

Mobile: (+64) 0223580668

Email: ramu.sannyasi@gmail.com